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19 Hayward’s Place, London EC1R 0EH
Ian Jenkins
Ph. +44 (0) 7767 342396

Ian began his research career at General Motors. The following time as a director at a London management consultancy in the early 90s, he co-formed the insight agency Prescient. Several successful years later a merger with the Loewy group followed in 2003 and, in 2011, Intrinsic was formed.

Ian about himself and Intrinsic Insight:

Over the years, I’ve worked with many of the world’s leading brands exploring different ways to help them better connect with their customers. Mostly, I’ve been surprised by the tendency for businesses to default to conventional research approaches, eschewing ways of really getting to grips with what matters to people. And, that for me is the really important bit in being able to identify winning opportunities.

It’s the stuff of which we’re made that really intrigues me; the stimuli that trigger our emotions and makes us engage or disengage accordingly with brands and with one another. And, over the years, I’ve been convinced of the value in listening to people and the stories they have to recount.

In finding different ways to express the stories that people have to tell I believe we get closer to finding out what really matters to people. And, if we can do that, it’ll bring us closer to ideas and opportunities that can make a difference”

Kyle Skeates
New Business Manager
Ph. +44 (0) 20 7042 1170

Kyle recently joined Intrinsic and within a short space of time, he has become a key member of the team. His main responsibilities are Key Account management and the acquisition of new clients.

Over the course of his career, Kyle has worked across multiple industry sectors, he brings extensive knowledge and insight of the research market.

Prior to joining Intrinsic in 2015, he worked for a leading B2B information service providers, where his passion for research grew. His drive to carry out research where the results will have an impact on decision makers is infectious.

Tim Furdui
Senior Research Analyst [MRS]
Ph. +44 (0) 20 7042 8655

As Senior Research Analyst, Tim focuses on the quantitative offer of the company, overseeing the successful delivery of all projects – clients vary from Waitrose and Co-Op, to Vodafone and Microsoft.

Tim has a Masters in psychology and over six years’ experience in traditional and online market research. His areas of speciality include Panel Management, Online Communities (both creating and fostering), Survey, Conjoint, Max-Diff, Data Analysis, SPSS, Moderation, Online focus groups, Semiotics and Ethnographic.

Before joining Intrinsic, Tim worked as Community Manager and Researcher for companies such as: Ugam, Allegra Strategies, Channel 4, Cision, Parthenon, World One.

He was Online Content & Community Developer at behavioural advertising company Phorm. Previous to his role at Intrinsic he worked at GFK NOP (Financial) as an Online Qualitative Executive developing and promoting their online qualitative portfolio. His accounts included HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, FSA, HMRC and HM Treasury.

Keith Donoghue
Chief Operations Officer
Ph. +44 (0) 20 7099 0404

Keith is the COO & CFO for the 4Media Group. Having been with 4Media since 2013, Keith was initially responsible for establishing and running the Finance department with the UK business.

Due to growth within the business in 2014, Keith was appointed as Finance Director to focus and drive the financial function of the business and ultimately the growth of the 4Media Group.

In 2016, Keith was promoted to the Group’s Chief Operating Office and Chief Financial Officer.

Keith brings extensive experience, includes advertising, public relations, television & film production, digital & social media marketing. His ability to have creative vision, yet maintain solid financial grounding is a rare balance for an accountant and one with which proves to be an invaluable asset.