Intrinsic Insight

Who We Are

Intrinsic is an insight bureau. Our aim is to provide businesses with insight that tell the stories of how brands and products influence people’s lives. By uncovering people’s essential truths we’re better placed to help you identify new ideas and opportunities.

Our Ethos

Our belief is that more robust and innovative ideas come from doing anti-research. Unlike other agencies Intrinsic adopts a journalistic approach to uncovering the truth of people’s behaviour and beliefs.

How we do it

We do this by entering the realm of the consumer rather than asking them to become part of ours. We engage in conversations, not interviews. We chat, we blog, we hang out with people and immerse ourselves in their world. We treat our subjects as individuals, not respondents. Rather than testing, we acquire more insightful truths through genuine collaboration.

Reporting Brand Stories

We get to tell people’s stories from multiple points of view and with journalistic flair: through images, video and quotes. We distill their ideas and offer our opinions. By helping companies understand their customer’s brand stories we’re able to inspire them to deliver better ideas.