Intrinsic Insight

Our Research Lenses

Our multiple lens, one picture approach relies on applying three core disciplines – Immersive qualitative research, social media analytics and moment of truth observations.

Immersive qualitative

“With creativity it’s not what you look for that matters, but what you find”

We listen to and observe consumers so that we can get to the heart of what matters when it matters. Because, as the maxim goes, if you want to see how lions actually hunt, go to the jungle, not the zoo. We use a variety of approaches to get closer to understanding how consumers really think and behave:

  • Observational video ethnography
  • Disruption techniques
  • Co-creation development sessions
  • Qualitative Focus groups
  • Expert qualitative interviewing
  • On-line creative forums

Social media Analytics

Social media is increasingly a key component for both communicating with consumers and understanding their behaviours and opinions. However, not all consumers use social media in the same way. Our sophisticated analytical tools enable us to help you understand in near real-time the relevance of social media conversations, where they are taking place and how they are influencing what people think about your brand. Our social media tools will enable you to :

  • Identify key influencers | Those who are driving and fuelling conversations about your brand
  • Understand the conversations | What’s being said, where and how relevant it is to you
  • Develop messaging | How is social media communication  making an impact and what messages are relevant

Moments of truth

In conjunction with our partners at Sumo, we  provide real insight into consumer opinion as it’s formed. Our innovative geo-fenced and geo-targeted smartphone technology enables us to interact with consumers at the moment they’re interacting with your brand. This enable us to deliver

  • Instant opinion | when using or in the vicinity of your brand
  • Video reaction | Captured by participants at the moment of truth
  • Audio responses| Events described by participants in real-time
  • Forums and surveys | Further sharing experiences and exploring ideas online